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Real mature woman in pantyhose

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                            PANTYHOSE STORY

I began to open my tools when I noticed that her bedroom door was
 slightly ajar at the end of the hallway.  It was too good to pass up
 so I went down the hallway to take a peek.  When I looked in the
 doorway I was slightly disappointed to see that her dress was already
 on and she was pulling her black pantyhose up around her waist.  It
 was a good sight but less than I had hoped for.  The satin black
 shoes she was wearing made her look real sexy.

 The pantyhose were the shiny, jet black kind with imitation diamonds
 at the ankle.  As she was straightening them out I notice that she
 wasn't wearing any panties. My fun ended abruptly, however, when she
 let go of her skirt and it fell to the top of her knees.  During the
 time that I was thinking about my disappointment I failed to notice
 her coming toward the door.  It was too late for me to move as she
 opened her door and saw me there.SEE FULL STORY>

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The Manufacturing

Making nylon yarn

  • 1 Nylon yarn is made in a process known as melt spinning. First, the chemicals involvedadipic acid and hexamethylene diaminemust be polymerized to form a thick resin that is then cut into chips or pellets. These pellets are then heated and pressurized in an autoclave into a syrupy solution. Next, the solution is extruded through a spinnereta device that looks and works like a shower head, with long strings of nylon solution coming out of the holes in the device. The number of holes depends on the type of yarn desired: one hole produces monofilament yarn, which is very thin and sheer; several holes produce multifilament yarn, which is denser and less sheer. As the fibers emerge from the spinneret, they are cooled by air and then stretched over rollers to stabilize the molecular chains and strengthen the fibers. The yarn is then wound on spools.


  • 2 Yarn is fed into a circular knitting machine, which converts it into a series of loops. Usually computer-controlled, the machine contains 300 to 420 needles and rotates at speeds up to 1,200 RPM; it takes about 90 seconds to knit a full-length stocking leg.


  • 3 Next, openings at the toes are seamed together, and two stocking legs are seamed together to form pantyhose. Sometimes they are seamed together with a crotch. Like the other steps in pantyhose manufacture, seaming is almost completely automated.

Dyeing and drying

  • 4 The sewn product then goes to a dye machine where it will be dyed to one of more than 100 different shades. The dye machine can color about 3,500 dozen pairs a day. Once dyed, the pantyhose are taken to a compartment dryer which dries them.


  • 5 This next step, boarding, is sometimes done before the dyeing process, depending on the desired final product. Boarding is the process of placing the pantyhose over leg forms where they are steamed and heated to the desired shape. With less expensive hosiery, this step may be completely bypassed and the pantyhose packaged in their relaxed state.


  • 6 Throughout the manufacturing process, quality checks are performed on the pantyhose. A statistical method is used for inspection.


  • 7 Pantyhose that meet the inspection guidelines are packaged in a box or paperboard envelope, either manually or automatically.

Filling orders: Picking and shipping

  • 8 After they leave the manufacturing plant, the pantyhose are stored in warehouses and organized according to size, style, and color for efficient order-filling. Customer orders are filled by personnel at various "picking" stations positioned alongside a conveyor belt that carries the filled cases to a staging area for final shipping to retail markets.

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