Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Candid pantyhose pics

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                                                           Pantyhose story

South England, December 2004

Several months had passed in the meantime after the terrible and humiliating incident at the freshmen dorm party. It had taken Vanessa quite a while to physically and emotionally recover from this shocking experience where she was repeatedly raped by a gang of college boys that had continued until she had fallen unconscious. The first couple of weeks she was unable to attend classes or do any schoolwork and had to take antidepressants and get counseling help, as well. When she talked to her boyfriend Chris back in Hong Kong, she didn't mention the incident in detail but just told him that she had been "hazed" at a freshmen party and felt really terrible since. Chris didn't push her to reveal all the details of the incident, but instead tried his best to be supportive and to encourage her to move to college routines and try to put the incident behind her.<full story

Download 86 MB candid pantyhose pics

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Download 86 MB candid pantyhose pics

Download 86 MB candid pantyhose pics
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